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Gun Safe Moving Services

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Duke City Movers Inc., is the premier gun safe mover in Albuquerque, NM. We offer top-of-the-line gun safe moving answers for regular gun safes. It should be known that delivering a gun safe is not as easy as lifting it, placing it our moving truck and delivering to a destination. The fact is that these days the companies that make gun safes have designed gun safes with safety aspects and design that an ordinary moving companies are not aware of or do not comprehend. A modern gun safe cannot be move like a stick of furniture such as couch or a table. If a gun safe is not move the right way or secured properly while it is being moved the damage caused may require that a local locksmith safe professional be called into fix the gun safe or even worse, the gun safe may need to be replaced.

Duke City Movers are experts at delivering most all manufacturer makes and models of gun safes. The company is licensed and insured to operate both locally in the State of New Mexico and across the country. The company is a DOT certified company. When our team of Albuquerque gun safe movers arrive you will know because we operate as professionals. When we move a gun safe we make sure it well insulated from damage with moving pads and we make sure it moves smoothly with not thumping or dropping from stair-step to stair-step when a move occurs on a set of stairs. We secure it with high tensile strength moving straps and we handle it with extra special care. We know your gun safe is an important item and we treat it as such.

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Duke City Movers is able to handle a gun safe of virtually any size. Call us today at

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today for an estimate to move your Albuquerque NM gun safe. It is our policy that each safe move we do is done with a specific agreement as to the price of moving your gun safe including the men required, the necessary moving equipment and the moving truck.
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